Why We Do What We Do

Why we do what we do is simple – we love empowering people period.

According to the World Health Organization, for the 1st time in human history, there are more overweight people than underweight.

Obesity has thus become a global epidemic and individuals continue to struggle with this diet and that in efforts to lose weight, prevent further weight gain and get healthy. Despite the myriad of available diets, little success has been achieved as these mainstream diets are restrictive, too regimented and cannot be sustained in the long term. People therefore need to be empowered to find their own way of eating that is effective, sustainable and enjoyable.

Humanity’s potbelly is not the only issue though.

Human beings are severely dis-c-on-n-e-c-ted with themselves and Eat-ology® helps restore your connection with self. Despite the fact that this journey of re-connection revolves around food, it has the potential to affect your self-mastery in general.

Dr. Oudi Abouchacra, Chiropractor, Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Demartini Method Facilitator and many in his trusted circle of health and fitness professionals have seen countless individuals struggle with their weight, their health and with their life in general. What they also have in common is a vision to share their, evidence-based, disruptive approach with the world.

‘My father used to always say, people have a right to know. He was referring to the truth and we are committed to simplifying the truth so mastering your nutrition becomes second nature.’ Dr. Oudi

Eat-ology® cuts through the complex web of nutritional info to deliver to you a simple eating method-ology.

With each meal you will uncover and piece together the only sustainable diet out there, your OWN unique diet. By doing so you will be on your way to getting to your ideal weight, staying there for life while avoiding a myriad of common digestive issues.

Eat-ology® works no matter what you eat. It works if you’re a meat lover, a vegetarian, or a pescatarian. It works if you are athletic or have never set foot inside a gym. There are factors just as, if not more important than, what you should and shouldn’t eat.

Eat-ology® integrates these factors into a process that works with your individual tastes and preferences for proteins, fats and carbs. By piecing together a system that you can stick with for the rest of your life, Eat-ology’s 7 simple steps, gets 5 crucial factors of nutrition working for you instead of against you.

With a fusion of powerful philosophy, solid science, simple psychology and practical methodology, Eat-ology® will transform the way you eat, look and feel by helping you find The (your name) Diet.

The Eat-ology® movement is armed with a process for assessing behavior and eating errors.

To support your journey, choose from books, workshops, coaching and Certified Experts.

The science of Eat-ology® is growing with a Randomized Control Trial underway. To read our scientific papers in medical journals click here